History of Bangladesh-Bhutan Relations


Bangladesh has a historic relationship with Bhutan. Bhutan was the first country to recognize the newly independent Bangladesh on 06 December 1971. Since then Bangladesh and Bhutan share a special multidimensional bilateral relationship. Immediately after the independence, the Bhutanese Government took initiative to establish diplomatic relations with Bangladesh and, consequently, formal diplomatic relations was established on 12 April 1973. The first Ambassador of Bhutan to Bangladesh presented his credentials to the President of Bangladesh on 29 April 1973. Bangladesh accredited its High Commissioner in New Delhi concurrently to Thimphu, who presented his credentials to the Bhutanese King as the first Ambassador of Bangladesh to Bhutan on 19 May 1973. Bangladesh and Bhutan opened resident Missions at Ambassadorial level in each other’s capitals in January 1980. Since the independence of Bangladesh, both the countries have taken active interest in strengthening and deepening bilateral relations progressively over the years. In 2021, Bangladesh and Bhutan celebrated 50 years of Friendship.